1834 Hydraulion Suction Engine

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This fire scene is based on an actual fire from 1834 as reported in the local newspaper. It was a ship fire, but I have located it on the shore. Three Alexandria volunteer engine companies have responded to the alarm.

The “Star” company on the left has just arrived with their “Pat Lyon” 1820 tub type fire engine and Four Wheel Horse Carriage.

The “Hydraulion” Company has deployed their suction hose and is at draft. The four brakes are being worked to good effect and a constant effective fire stream is being applied to the fire. The Manual pumper is an 1827 “Hydraulion” made by Sellers and Pennock of Philadelphia.

The “Friendship” Company has shut down it’s older tub type engine and it’s leather hose has gone dry. The red tub type engine has run out of water again. Their bucket brigade has failed to keep the engine’s tub filled with water in spite of the relatively short double bucket line.

After this fire, the city’s six tub type engines would be converted to suction type engines. In addition, the various hose couplings would be changed to one standard city wide size and thread count. And usual it would only take a few years.

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